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  • A Short History of the Wristwatch
    Whether you collect the new high precision watches or ones that come from a past era, the fact is that over the years this hobby has become a high turnover business. And collecting watches is in a lot of circles regarded as a wise form of investing.
  • Antique Clocks. The Steady Passage of Time
    It was not so many years ago that digital clocks did not exist. The "grandfather "or "long case" clock was more the norm than was the bedside alarm clock. Now of course this grandfather clock has become an antique clock, fit to be enjoyed and treasured for lifetimes.
  • Different Shapes and Sizes of Clocks
    We plan when to get up, when to go to work or school, when to come home, when to have dinner and when to go back to bed all based on the time of day. Time seems to be very important is our lives so it makes sense that a way to keep track of time is equally important.
  • How to Start a Pocket Watch Collection
    There are a number of questions to ask first to get the collection going. Firstly is the collection going to be an antique pocket watch collection or a souvenir style pocket watch collection. The process is quite similar, however the price to be paid will be significantly different.
  • Protect Your Watch Collection
    Watch boxes are also reflections of your personal style. If you particularly like steel or titanium watches, then a hard wood watch box made of maple or oak is ideal for you. If you prefer leather, crocodile, or other soft bands, then you’ll probably want a leather watch case to complement your collection.
  • Quick Look at Clocks and Antique Clocks
    Clocks are a part of everyday life for all of us. Clocks have become an inseparable part of our daily routine that almost no one could go on without. Busy executives, workmen, students, shop keepers, clerical staff, and even home makers carry on their chores adjusting their activities and lifestyles to the movement of the clocks.

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  • Antique (Pre-1930)
    Antique Clocks (Pre-1930)
  •  Alarm
    Antique Alarm Clocks (Pre-1930)
  •  Cuckoo, Black Forest
    Antique Cuckoo and Black Forest Clocks (Pre-1930)
  •  Grandfather
    Antique Grandfather Clocks (Pre-1930)
  •  Other Antique Clocks
    Other Antique Clocks (Pre-1930)
  •  Shelf, Mantel
    Antique Shelf and Mantel Clocks (Pre-1930)
  •  Wall
    Antique Wall Clocks (Pre-1930)
  • Modern (1970-Now)
    Modern Clocks (1970-Now)
  •  Alarm
    Modern Alarm Clocks (1970-Now)
  •  Cuckoo, Black Forest
    Modern Cuckoo and Black Forest Clocks (1970-Now)
  •  Grandfather
  •  Novelty
    Modern Novelty Clocks (1970-Now)
  •  Other Modern Clocks
    Other Modern Clocks (1970-Now)
  •  Shelf, Mantel
    Modern Shelf and Mantel Clocks (1970-Now)
  •  Wall
    Modern Wall Clocks (1970-Now)
  • Parts & Tools
    Clocks Parts and Tools
  •  Attachments
    Clocks Parts and Tools - Attachments
  •  Hand Tools
    Clocks Parts and Tools - Hand Tools
  •  Machinery
    Clocks Parts and Tools - Machinery
  •  Other Parts & Tools
    Other Clocks Parts and Tools
  •  Parts
    Clocks Parts
  • Vintage (1930-69)
    Vintage Clocks (1930-69)
  •  Alarm
    Vintage Alarm Clocks (1930-69)
  •  Cuckoo, Black Forest
    Vintage Cuckoo and Black Forest Clocks (1930-69)
  •  Grandfather
    Vintage Grandfather Clocks (1930-69)
  •  Other Vintage Clocks
    Other Vintage Clocks (1930-69)
  •  Shelf, Mantel
    Vintage Shelf and Mantel Clocks (1930-69)
  •  Wall
    Vintage Wall Clocks (1930-69)
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